Lindsey Graham Stuns Dems To Silence When He Points Out The Elephant In The Room

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stepped up on the first day of the Kavanaugh Supreme Court appointment hearing and told the Democrats exactly what he thought of their shenanigans.

Additionally, he let the Democrats know what they need to do in order to pick their own Judges. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

The Democrats didn’t like the TRUTH of their hypocrisy thrown at them! 

In an impassioned speech, Senator Graham undressed the Democrats and railed that “this is SO hypocritical of my friends on the other side.

Raising his finger toward heaven to make his point he said, “When it was their President, Kavanaugh was RIGHT.

Furthermore Graham said, “When you’re talking about Roe V Wade it’s OK to promise the Nation ‘it will NEVER be overturned.'”

Then with a strong swag he said, “It’s OK to pick a Democratic staff member of this committee. But it’s NOT okay to pick somebody who has been a life long Republican.”  (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Then Graham stated the obvious, he said, “People see through this.”

Graham points out the elephant in the room and told the Democrats, “You had a chance and you LOST.”

“If you want to pick Judges – from your way of thinking – then you better win an election,” he told the Democrats!

Lindsey told everyone in the room, “I voted for two of your choices, Sotomeyer and Kagan.”  (VIDEO BELOW.) 

“I got a lot of crap,” he said.

“I would suggest you think long and hard if you have a political ambition voting for this guy because it will not play well on your side,” Graham warned the Democrats.

“And why did I do it? Because I thought they were qualified by any reasonable measure,” Graham explained to America.

Specifically, Graham said what many American’s think “this is a game I am sad to be part of.”

Graham said he would tell the President, ‘You have never done anything better in my view, than to pick Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.'” (VIDEO BELOW.)

“Because you had an opportunity to put well qualified conservative men on the Court. Men steeped in the rule of law who apply analysis – not politics – to their decision making and you knocked it out of the park,” Graham continued to tell everyone what he will tell the President once Kavanaugh is confirmed.

In ending, once his time was up, Graham said, “I yield to my friends on the other side.”

WATCH Senator Graham heat up the chambers while he exposed the elephant in the room.

Watch Sen. Lindsey Graham’s full throw-down below:

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