After Leahy Accuses Kavanaugh Of Email Scandal, Grassley Cracks The Whip

Wednesday, on the second day of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, democrats and protesters played their circus games on Capitol Hill once again.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh didn’t take the bait that the democrats were throwing his way. (Videos Below)

During the hearing, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of handling “stolen” emails during his time as a White House lawyer, suggesting he had a part in what the senator called “digital Watergate.”

Mr. Leahy’s questions came from 2003 when a GOP Senate staffer, Manuel Miranda, gained access to the Democratic side of the computer server used by the Judiciary Committee and used the information to plot strategy with the White House over future nominees.

“Did Mr. Miranda ever provide you with highly specific information regarding what I or other Democratic senators were planning in the future to ask certain judicial nominees?” Leahy asked.

Kavanaugh explained that he and Manny shared information but didn’t have knowledge that some of it may have been stolen. “Not at all, senator,” the judge replied. (Videos Below)

The email flap, known on Capitol Hill as Memogate, proved that Democrats were working closely with special interest groups to try to derail President George W. Bush’s judicial nominees.

Some of the memos even suggested Democrats, at the behest of civil rights groups, plotted to delay confirmation of one judge to try to skew an important affirmative action case making its way through the appeals court the nominee had been slated to join, per Washington Times.

“I am concerned because there is evidence Mr. Miranda provided you with materials that were stolen from me,” he said. (Videos Below)

Leahy pushed Kavanaugh to look through emails between himself and Mr. Miranda that the senator declared was proof; Judge Kavanaugh said he didn’t see any evidence.

Leahy still mad said “We have to ask the Chairman if it’s still confidential.”

After wasting Kavanaugh’s time, Chairman Grassley snapped on Leahy declaring that the records are public information on the Senate Judiciary website and he has access to them.

Watch the two videos below:


Watch Sen. Patrick Leahy accuse Judge Brett Kavanaugh of handling “stolen” emails during his time as a White House below:


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