Kavanaugh SMACKS Down Feinstein, Proves Liberals Are Clueless About Guns

At approximately 10:00 Eastern time Wednesday, during the nomination hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be appointed to the Supreme Court, Senator Dianne Feinstein asked the Judge some questions on his opinions about “assault weapons”.

Feinstein requested to know why he has issued thoughts on the fact that “assault weapons” are commonly used weapons, when in fact, according to Senator Feinstein, they are not. (Video Below)

Stepping back for a moment, commonly known among gun enthusiasts and most conservatives is that there is no real definition for “assault weapon.”

It is a term thrown around by liberal democrats which is also known as “scary looking gun”. There is no real definition.

In the clip below, Kavanaugh states “most handguns are semi-automatic. That is something that not everyone appreciates.”

(Video Below)

Therefore, when Senator Dianne Feinstein tried to snag Brett Kavanaugh with a “gotcha” moment, he immediately schooled her on the fact that what she is referring to is actually semi automatic weapons. Semi automatic weapons, whether rifles, or handguns, have been looked at in the past as similar and commonly used guns.

Judge Kavanaugh goes on to say “this is all about precedent. I concluded that it could not be distinguished as a matter of law, semi automatic handguns, from semi automatic rifles, and semi automatic rifles are widely possessed the United States. There are millions and millions of semi-automatic rifles in use and possession in the United States, so that seemed to fit common use and not being a dangerous and unusual weapon.” 

It was at this point that Senator Feinstein was proven wrong on her labeling of “assault weapons” that she tried to pivot the argument to just how commonly used semi-automatic rifles are. (Video Below)

Again, Judge Kavanaugh smacks her down with cold hard facts, as he reminds her that the opinion in question was about dangerous and unusual weapons.

“Although all weapons are dangerous, based on the use, and common ownership of semi-automatic rifles these weapons do not apply under precedent as dangerous and unusual weapons”.

The agenda here, besides the obvious obstruction of President Trump’s nomination of the Exemplary Judge Brett Kavanaugh, is to push the usual liberal left agenda of taking away our gun rights, by chipping away at the 2ND amendment, one little bit at at time.

Judge Kavanaugh, while defending his opinion in The District of Columbia v. Heller case, expressed his concern for school shootings mentioned by Senator Feinstein, despite her constant use of the term “assault weapon”.

“Senator, of course the violence  in the schools is something we all detest and want to do something about, and there are lots of efforts underway to make schools safer”. After saying so, he mentions that semi-automatic weapons, while used in many crimes, making this a difficult issue, owning them is an important right for hunting and protecting ourselves as well.



The takeaway here is that a good SCOTUS needs to use the laws in place and precedents, not legislate laws based on emotion, as that is the job of congress. Like, share, and comment below if you agree!