Geraldo Comes Out Of Nowhere & Drops A Kavanaugh BOMB Directly On Dems

Democrats have caused quite the stir this week during the Senate’s Kavanaugh Nomination hearing…but not in a good way.

The ongoing protests, interruptions and ridiculous conspiracy theory-laced questions, among everything else, is showing a cringe-worthy side of the left that is bound to leave a bad taste in the mouths of Americans. And TV personality Geraldo Rivera sees right through it all, as he delivered a message that Democrats do not want to think about.

Rivera, like many Americans, has been paying close attention to the Senate hearing involving Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The multiple planned circus-acts, stall efforts and charades carried out by liberals in recent days are nothing but a bunch of smoke and mirrors for what is to come, according to Geraldo.

And in his statement directed specifically to Democrats, Geraldo believes it’s nothing but a ludicrous wasted effort.

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In surprise remarks released on his Twitter account, Geraldo weighed in on the Kavanaugh hearing and said:

“Hard to see how Democrats can stop from ascending to the high court. They can delay him, rough him up & they can have their star moments & presidential auditions, but they have neither legislative, judicial nor legal means to keep him from the high court. Trust me, none.”

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Geraldo’s Official Tweet Directed To Democrats

The entire situation is sad, to say the least, as Kavanaugh’s parents were witnessed crying and his children were forced to leave during a pinnacle moment of his career. It was all mostly the result of antics construed by Democrat leaders and carried out by their hard-core supporters.

And for what purpose?

Democrats know they have very little to almost no chance of stopping the nomination of Kavanaugh from moving to the next step.

Even a liberal Democrat came forward out of all the hate that has been witnessed to voice her support for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. (Related Article: In A Stunning Statement, Liberal Democrat Sends Kavanaugh On His Way To Confirmation )

But we don’t expect the left to wake up and smell the roses. And we shall likely see more of the same out of them in coming days, despite the likelihood of Kavanaugh’s confirmation…something that kills them to think about!

In ending, do you agree with Geraldo’s statement? What are your thoughts on the hearing so far? Scroll down below and let us know!