DiGenova Throws Out The Dynamite That Proves The DOJ Is Crumbling Quick

Late Wednesday night, during the Hannity show on Fox News, a HUGE revelation was released to the American people about the DOJ!

It’s no wonder, Sean’s show ranked #1 across all cable stations – and as Forbes touted – Hannity is unrivaled as Fox News had the 66th consecutive quarter in the number ONE spot. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The pundits spilled the beans! 

Sara A. Carter, investigative journalist, along with Joe diGenova, former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia and Gregg Jarrett, Fox News legal analyst all joined Sean last night. And wait until you hear what slipped out during the conversation of the these experts!

First, Sara A. Carter divulged that it is quite likely that President Trump will be declassifying the 20 documents swirling around the FISA abuse case against members of the former DOJ and FBI.

Second, as Joe diGenova talked about the fraud committed on the FISA Court, he said, “all of the evidence is there. There isn’t any doubt about it.

The bottom line here – is that – we cannot TRUST the Department under Rosenstein,” Joe stated. Then in a BLOCKBUSTER moment, he said, “He’s got a BIG problem with FISA. Personally,” diGenova continued. (VIDEO BELOW.)

He is now under investigation and he can’t do FISA’s anymore,” the former D.C. Attorney for United States of America said.

Whoa! Back up….what? Hannity, asked for clarification, “Whoa!” Sean said. “He’s under investigation?” Hannity asked diGenova.

Rosenstein is UNDER INVESTIGATION for things that involve the FISA warrant,” Joe informed the panel and the viewing audience. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The DOJ is crumbling…here is the bottom line. 

Joe then discussed how the DOJ is “a mess of such proportions.”

Specifically, diGenova broke the mess down and said Sessions is “out of all of this.”

Additionally, “Rosenstein is unable to sign FISA warrants.”

Furthermore, “the Inspector General who has NO subpoena authority will NOT be able to get to the bottom of this,” Joe told the panel.

Sean then stated that he had not confirmed that Rosenstein is under investigation. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Sean asked Sara if she had confirmed it, and she replied, “No. I have not confirmed that – I have heard that,” Sara replied in the affirmative.

Joe replied, “Bottom line is we all talk to people. And I am happy to say it [although] it’s a tragedy where the Department is. The Department is in VERY bad shape right now. It is in FREE FALL. Sessions is completely disengaged from all of this. It is a TRAVESTY of immense proportions.

WATCH INTERVIEW BELOW as Rosenstein’s BIG PROBLEM is revealed inside the DOJ.

In closing, does it surprise you that Rosenstein is under investigation? Are you ready to see Sessions step UP or step DOWN?

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