After Booker Leaks Kavanaugh Emails, Cornyn & Scalise Rip Him A New One

Apparently, Cory Booker (NJ-D) thinks he is the President of the United States. In the most arrogant, ill-advised move ever made by a Democratic Senator – Booker purposefully VIOLATES SENATE RULES.

His expulsion from the Senate is imminent. Make sure and contact your Senator and ask them to remove Cory Booker. To quickly do so, click here. (VIDEOS BELOW)

During the Kavanaugh hearing, Booker attempted to launch his 2020 Presidential run.

Booker, knowingly and willingly broke Senate committee rules. Specifically, in a stunningly narcissistic move he said, “I am releasing committee confidential documents.”

The New Jersey Democrat posted Kavanaugh’s committee documents on racial profiling for the public because he thought they were “misclassified.”

And this guy thinks he has a shot running for President in 2020?

Why would America vote for MORE corruption? Haven’t we had enough?

As reported by Fox News Insider, Senator Steve Scalise (R-LA), House Majority Whip on “America’s Newsroom,” Scalise accused Booker and other Senate Democrats of trying to launch their 2020 presidential campaigns at the hearings.”  (VIDEOS BELOW.)

“He said Booker and other Democrats are trying to appease their base, which is ‘racing’ further and further left toward socialism,” the Insider continued.

“‘It’s beneath the dignity of the Senate to try to turn this into a circus,‘” said Scalise, arguing that Booker is making a ‘spectacle’ of the proceedings in order to position himself for a Presidential bid,'” Fox News reported.

The Democrats are all about LAWLESSNESS, and Booker just proved it.

Additionally, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) had a thing or two to say to Booker and his narcissistic lawless antics. (VIDEOS BELOW.)

Cornyn said, “running for President is not an excuse for violating the rules of the Senate or of the confidentiality of the documents we are privy to. This is no different from a Senator deciding to release classified information that is deemed classified by the Executive Branch because you happen to disagree with the classification decision.”


The Texas Senator, in a tone that encouraged Booker to hold his Senate seat with a bit more respect said, “NO Senator deserves to sit on this Committee or serve on the Senate – in my view – if they decide to be a ‘law-unto-themselves’ and WILLINGLY FLOUT THE RULES OF THE SENATE...”

WATCH THE VIDEOS BELOW as Cornyn and Scalise light a FIRE under Booker:

WATCH as Cornyn rips Booker. 

 Watch Steve Scalise Rip Cory Booker’s ‘Spectacle’ at Kavanaugh Hearing.

In closing, Booker broke the Senate rules on purpose. Will you contact your Senator and ask them to hold Cory’s feet to the fire and remove him?