While No One Was Looking, Meadows, Jordan & Co Blindsided The DOJ With A Slick Move

In a little covered presser today, Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-OH), Mark Meadows (R-NC), Lee Zeldin (R-NY), Matthew Gaetz (R-FL) and eight other members of Congress gathered to announce the next steps to discover what happened in the corrupt Obama-era FBI and DOJ.

The meeting called for the President to release documents. Moreover, the group called for a second special counsel. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) gave the opening remarks.

He made it clear that the “Justice Department and the DOJ has “amazing patriotic people” in the rank and file.

He hit the point home – that this is about – the “individuals at the highest levels of these legendary historic agencies.”

In addition, Zeldin said the high-ranking officials and “their misconduct reflects on them and not on everyone else.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Jump in the “way back” machine.

Zeldin reviewed that on May 22nd, a 12 page resolution was written by Congress.

In the resolution, was “signed by 19 members of Congress” and “detailed misconduct at the highest levels” of the Obama-er FBI and DOJ.

It included, FISA abuse. Specifically, they wanted to know how and why the Hillary Clinton email investigation ended. And how and why the Trump/Russia investigation began(VIDEO BELOW.)

Additionally, “33 members of the House now sponsor this resolution and are calling for a second special counsel.

Fast Forward to today. THIS is what GUILT looks like, folks. Actual evidence as opposed to a fishing expedition to find a crime.

Since May, he said, “even more misconduct has been discovered.

As a result, Congressmen are now calling for the following THREE points to happen so that JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.  

First, they call on the President of the United States to declassify documents of the Carter Page FISA applications.

He carefully explained, “except necessary redactions that must truly stay declassified.” And the twenty pages of the “last FISA renewal.” The renewal that Rod Rosenstein signed(Continued below.)

Specifically, “pages 10 to 12 and 17 to 34 along with the associated foot notes.”

Zeldin said this will prove that “the highest levels of the DOJ and FBI failed to provide the FISA court with critically important information when they requested a warrant to spy on Carter Page and others.”

Second, they call on President Trump to declassify and release “ALL 12 of Bruce Ohr 302’s.  They are confident that the 302’s contain information that “should have been reported to the FISA court but wasn’t.”

Third, they call on President Trump to release and declassify the documents that were provided to the Gang of Eight. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The documents contained “exculpatory evidence regarding Carter Page and others. These documents should have been provided to the FISA Court…but wasn’t,” Zeldin said.

Folks, THIS is what guilt looks like as opposed to a fishing expedition to find a crime.

WATCH as karma catches up to the OBAMA-era ring leaders. 

In ending, are you ready for President Trump to declassify the documents?