In Four Minutes, Bongino Converts Booker From A Self-Proclaimed ‘Martyr’ To A Jester

During day 3 of the Kavanaugh hearings, Cory Booker drifted farther into the deep end with his latest charade, and it completely backfired.

Booker announced his decision to release committee confidential documents on Brett Kavanaugh for public view, to attempt making Brett Kavanaugh look bad. So, Booker began “dumping” documents on his Twitter account throughout the day. But there were two problems with what he did, according to former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino. Video Below

In a 4-minute segment, Bongino exposed Booker’s document dump as nothing more than another Democrat clown act all in the name of getting attention. It is the same type of behavior that has been seen over and over again throughout the course of the hearings by the left.

According to Bongino, Booker is now claiming to be a martyr and even is calling himself “Spartacus” for releasing, what he thinks is classified information.

One problem with what Booker is claiming, however, is that the documents he is referring to as “classified” were actually declassified to the public the day before Booker’s staged incident.

And it gets even more twisted! According to Bongino, Booker and his staff allegedly even knew about the file declassification prior to the Thursday drama. But that’s not all! VIDEO BELOW

Booker’s goal with the file release was to attempt painting Kavanaugh as being in favor of racial profiling. But the information inside the documents, as Bongino stated, shows Kavanaugh is actually the complete opposite, and is against racial profiling.

In regards to Booker claiming to release classified information that was already declassified, Dan said, “Cory Booker can’t even violate the rules right. So he is a fake martyr. He’s not even a real martyr…He can’t even break the rules right!”

Bongino then determined, “It was all a show!” But he warns his audience not to be confused by Booker’s actions because he even wonders, “What the hell was his point?!” Finally, Dan attempted to unconfuse his audience by showing just how big of a clown (not a martyr) Cory Booker really is. Video Below

Dan Bongino Converts Cory Booker From Martyr to Jester In 4 Minutes

BOOM! Dan Bongino Tells It Like It Is!

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In ending, our question to you is, what the hell is Cory Booker thinking with his latest circus act? Scroll down below and let us know what you think!