BRUTAL TRUTH: Ben Sasse Just Crushed All Of Dems Kavanaugh Wishes To Pieces

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) had zero problem telling the chambers exactly what he thought of the Democratic circus they created during the once prestigious Supreme Court nominee hearings.

The Nebraska Senator let the committee members know exactly what they could expect and chastised Cory Booker for his shenanigans on the final day of the confirmation hearings. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Ben Sasse speaks out on Day 4 of the Kavanaugh-SCOTUS confirmation hearing.

Sasse said in no uncertain terms to the chamber, “I am VERY confident Brett Kavanaugh is going to be confirmed.”

He continued, “and when the Supreme Court reconvenes the first week of October, I think we’re going to have NINE Justices on it.”

Then stated, “and that Brett Kavanaugh is going to be a good Justice for decades to come.”

And with that, you can almost see the handkerchiefs that needed to be passed around to the Democrats so they could dry their tears; however, as Senator Graham said, “if you want to pick Judges… win an election.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH Sasse on final day of Supreme Court hearing.

Sasse continued and thoughtfully discussed Booker’s ‘shameless stunt’ and what it means to America.

Ben said sincerely, “I like Cory Booker, but it was a terrible charade. It was a shameless stunt.”

He then said, “So let’s review facts. First of all, Democrats have been trying to claim for four straight days that all of these Brett Kavanaugh papers haven’t been released.”

“Here’s the actual fact. The amount of paper that has been released related to this nomination …is more than the last 5 nominees paper’s combined.”

“What hasn’t happened is not every single paper of George W. Bush has been released because those papers are not work Kavanaugh did,” Sasse explained. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Ben said the Bush camp said they needed to comb through the documents to ensure no national secrets were being divulged. Apparently, Booker and the Democrats did not bother to read the papers at all.

“So what Senator Booker decided to do was to pretend there was some terrible smoking gun in these documents. The documents had already been released,” Sasse explained.

Additionally, “they knew they’d been released,” Sasse told the chamber. Furthermore, what the “documents actually showed were that Brett Kavanaugh is AGAINST racial profiling,” Sasse said. (VIDEO BELOW.)

THE ENTIRE THING WAS BOGUS,” Sasse ended, “because it undermines Public trust.”

In ending, did Booker create a lack of public trust with his shenanigans? Will Kavanaugh be our next Supreme Court Justice?