JUST IN: Fmr. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s Worst Fears Have Been Confirmed

In a BLOCKBUSTER announcement yesterday, it is now known that disgraced FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe is under GRAND JURY investigation.

The Grand Jury has been in play for a solid month, yet it is just now being revealed to the American people.

Why did Mueller keep the McCabe Grand Jury under wraps?

Let’s see if Mueller and the media will treat the McCabe case like they did the Manafort case.

The McCabe case should rule the news cycle like the Manafort Grand Jury WAS the news cycle for weeks.

The timing seems odd that we are just now being informed of the McCabe Grand Jury.

Furthermore, it has been relatively ignored by the mainstream media. (CONTINUED BELOW.)

The Inspector General Report confirmed why McCabe should have been FIRED.  

Specifically, Andrew McCabe was fired for lying to the FBI about James Comey – under oath – at least three times. And he lied again –  just not under oath the fourth time.

The Inspector General wrote about McCabe’s lies in the 560 page report released in June.

Additionally, McCabe was fired slightly before his scheduled early retirement fouling his plan to retire completely on Government benefits. (CONTINUED BELOW.)

Timeline of events.

In May, Catherine Herridge, revealed that “fired FBI Deputy Director McCabe” then “gave Mueller [a] secret memo on [the] firing of Comey.”

In June, Herridge reported that Mccabe was “seeking immunity in exchange for his testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee or he will plead the fifth.” 

Additionally, in June, US4Trump reported “in a bombshell piece, Sara A. Carter, award-winning National Security/War correspondent says that the IG is ‘being pressured to slow roll’ the ‘Clinton FBI report.’”  

McCabe under Grand Jury investigation.

Yesterday, it was revealed that McCabe has been under investigation for a month and there is a Grand Jury panel. He is being investigated for leaking information to the media in 2016.

Fox News reported, “the existence of the panel indicates that the authorities are treating McCabe’s actions during his time at the FBI seriously and may even press charges if sufficient evidence is found.” (CONTINUED BELOW.)

The Washington Examiner reported, “Federal prosecutors in Washington are using a grand jury to investigate whether fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe purposely misled government officials over his role in an unauthorized disclosure to a newspaper in 2016.”

Given all of these facts, it appears that McCabe has turned on his former boss, James Comey.

Will there be more witnesses called?

Both Fox News and the Washington Examiner point to the Washington Post who said, the Grand Jury “has summoned more than one witness who may be required to testify if McCabe is charged and the matter goes to trial.”

In closing, who else would you like to see go through a similar process? Do you think Comey should be next?

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