Right As Booker Thought He Was A Hero, Tillis Gives Him A One-Way Ticket To Clown School

Thursday, as the questioning by Senate Judiciary Committee members during the hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court continued, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) stepped up putting Cory Booker (D-NJ) in his place.

This comes after Booker tried to embarrass Judge Kavanaugh and failed miserably. (Video Below)

By now, everyone knows the stunt Cory Booker pulled Thursday morning during the hearing of Judge Kavanugh’s confirmation hearing.

Booker, in the most arrogant, ill-advised move ever made by a democratic senator – PURPOSEFULLY VIOLATED SENATE RULES.

Booker, knowingly and willingly broke Senate committee rules. In a stunningly narcissistic move he said, “I am releasing committee confidential documents.”

The New Jersey democrat posted Kavanaugh’s committee documents on racial profiling for the public because he thought they were “unclassified.”(RELATED ARTICLE: After Booker Leaks Kavanaugh Emails, Cornyn & Scalise Rip Him A New One) (Video Below)

In doing so, he called himself “Spartacus,” but, it turns out- it was a big fat nothing burger as the documents were already released. 

Senator Thom Tillis participated in a round of questioning and let Booker know exactly what he thought about the stunt he pulled.

Tillis explained that the documents had been already released and there was no reason for Booker to do what he did. (Video Below)

Right After Booker’s Circus Stunt, Sen Tillis Sends Him Back To Clown School

“Last night, a request was made by a member of this committee to release files that were deemed confidential by the committee. Our staff stayed up all night complying with the request, and this morning every member of this committee received notification that these files were cleared for public viewing.” Said Tillis.

Tillis continued and put Booker in his place saying, “Every member of this committee had sufficient time to find out these files were released without the theatrics that happened in this chamber today. You could’ve found out you didn’t need to be Spartacus. You didn’t have to invoke civil disobedience, because you got what they wanted.”

WATCH BELOW as Senator Tillis calls out Booker for his clown show:


The democrats already knew that the documents had been declassified. It was all for the theatrics of it; that is all that the left has, they cannot win in the arena of ideas.

He wanted the documents to show that the Judge was racist – and the documents proved the opposite. What an embarrassment for Booker.

His presidential run is now officially over.

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