Kennedy Exposes How Dean’s Testimony Against Kav Equates To Rat Droppings

John Dean, the former Nixon White House counsel who played a crucial role in the Watergate scandal, appeared in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.

Dean claimed in his testimony that Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a justice will lead to the “most presidential-powers friendly” Supreme Court ever. However, when Senator John Kennedy got a chance to question the former White House counsel, Dean found himself in quite an awkward position as he was strongly discredited. Video Below

Kennedy started out by looking at Dean square in the eyes, and said he doesn’t care about Dean’s politics, as he is friends with people on both sides of the aisle.

The senator mentioned that he does vividly remember the 70’s and Dean serving as White House Counsel under President Nixon. Dean played a key role in Nixon’s eventual resignation when he turned against the Nixon Administration.

Kennedy said to Dean, “I think you and your co-conspirators hurt my country.”

Kennedy then ripped the former Dean some more with his next brutal statement and Dean’s reaction was priceless. VIDEO BELOW

Kennedy said,

“I believe in second chances. But you did the right thing ultimately. But you only did it when you were cornered like a rat. And it’s hard for me to take your testimony seriously. And I’m gonna give you a chance to respond. But I couldn’t sleep tonight if I didn’t tell you that.”

Dean quickly tried to justify his actions towards Nixon and mentioned how President Trump also called him a rat. Video Below


BOOM! Kennedy told him!

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In ending, do you think John Dean hurt or helped our country when he helped topple the Nixon Administration? Scroll down below and let us know!