Gaetz & Jordan Reveal A Twist In The Ohr Scandal That Has MSM Panicking

Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Matthew Gaetz (R-FL) joined the Hannity show and added a valuable piece of information regarding the FISA court abuse.

Additionally, we learned that twelve lawmakers are still calling on President Trump to declassify the FISA documents! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Bring it to the American people!

Since Bruce Ohr testified in front of Congress, we have learned that “all the key people at the FBI knew what was going on before they [took] the dossier to court.”

Jim Jordan refreshed everyone and said that Ohr met with McCabe.

And they knew of Ohr’s involvement, they knew who paid for it and they knew Christopher Steele was anti-Trump.

Sean then told the audience that this was the “insurance policy” team. Page, Strzok, Ohr, Steele and McCabe – they all were involved with the dossier prior to it going to the FISA court. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Matthew Gaetz said, “it’s like you have the Board of Directors of the Deep State!”

And Sean said “and they all hate Trump.”

Additionally, Andrew Weismann – now on the special counsel – also knew about the unverified dossier. Jordan reminded the panel that he knew before it went to the FISA court, too. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Jordan then breaks down what happened.

The Inspector General wrote a report in June and McCabe was found to have lied three times under oath. As a result, he is facing a criminal referral.

Specifically, there is a Grand Jury panel looking at Andy’s culpability in leaking the information to the press in 2016.

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Jordan explained further, he said, “They leaked information to the press. And then they used the reports the press wrote to buttress the false dossier to give it legitimacy when it was a false document.” 

That was the game that was being played,” Jordan told America.

Who else besides McCabe and Comey are going to be called to the Grand Jury?

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Gaetz then agreed and said, “We may see members of the media caught up in that as well, Sean.”

You’ll remember there was a reference in the Inspector’s General report to members of the media inappropriately giving gifts to people at the FBI. To get stories and  get tips. And that may have facilitated the illegal leaks,” Gaetz said. (VIDEO BELOW.)

And I think people should go to jail for it,” Gaetz ended boldly.

All of this on the heels of President Trump who wanted the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions to investigate the The New York Times.

The NYT printed the anonymous essay days ago and as a matter of National Security, President Trump believes it is appropriate to have attorney’s look into it.

WATCH the Congressmen as they discuss the illegal actions of the Media and Obama’s administration.