With Three Words, James Woods Delivers A SPICY Reality Check To Obama That He Won’t Forget

Conservative actor and patriot James Woods calls it like he see’s it in the political spectrum.

He isn’t afraid to speak out and stand up for the truth that is being buried deep in the swamp, unlike many of the left-leaning, anti-Trump, Hollywood washouts.

James Woods takes to Twitter slapping down democrats faster than you can say, “Lock Her Up!”

With his genius truth bombs, Woods sets the record straight once again while shattering liberal dreams.

During the weekend, Woods sent out a few tweets in reference to Obama’s political grandstanding after he took jabs at President Trump on Friday, during a speech in Chicago.

Obama tried to take credit for President Trump’s booming economy. (RELATED ARTICLE: Obama Tries Taking Credit For Booming Economy, Trump Responds With Hilarious Come Back)

With Three Words, James Woods Delivers A Spicy Reality Check To Obama:

James Woods came forward after Obama’s nonsense on Friday, reminding him exactly why President Trump won.

He tweeted, #WhyTrumpWon” with a picture of Obama looking smug and arrogant.

Perfectly summed up. (Continued Below)

Further, Woods responded to Katie Pavlich, a Fox News contributor who tweeted, “After destroying the Democrat Party with a loss of 1000+ seats, Barack Obama is back.”

Woods said in reference to Katie’s tweet, “Yay! Because, let’s face it, #Obama is a gift to Republicans. And #Hillary seems to be wafting the scent of boiled cabbage across the political landscape yet again. I see even #HowardDean is howling a bit as well. Where is blockhead #AlGore though?”

Woods didn’t stop there though as he pointed out Trump’s presidency was a “once-in-a-century miracle” while beating all of his opponents.

Woods declared, “Whether you love or hate him, Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency was a once-in-a-century miracle. He was literally the Man Without a Party, yet beat 16 primary competitors and an opponent whose victory was her “manifest destiny.” It was a political feat unequaled in history.”

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James Woods’ Official Tweets:

***Woods’ initial tweet appears to be deleted. We are not sure if it was removed by him or twitter. But, here is the screen capture of his tweet below:

Image Source: Twitter screen shot


James Woods strikes again nailing Obama to the wall.

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