Right After Reporter Unveils A Plan To Oust Trump, Sarah Takes Him To The Woodshed

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a force not to reckon with. She is unshakeable no matter what ridiculous questions the crooked press throws her way.

On Monday, she proved again just that. (VIDEO BELOW)

During the White House press briefing, Sarah slapped down a reporter who asked about the 25th amendment to remove President Trump from office.

This comes after the coordinated left-wing media repeatedly fantasized about the 25th amendment. Many “news” networks used the same talking points while trying to push their big nothing burgers.

The reporter during the hearing asked Sarah, “What does the president make of all this talk of the 25th Amendment and some of what he hears on media outlets regarding the word ‘crazy talk? It seems there’s a lot of talk about that on many of the mainstream media outlets.”


Right After Reporter Unveils A Plan To Oust Trump, Sarah Takes Him To The Woodshed

Sarah didn’t take the bait and shot back:

“I think we would say that it’s about as ridiculous as most of Bob Woodward’s book.” She said.

Sarah added, “The fact that that’s being honestly discussed is ridiculous and frankly it’s insulting to the nearly 62 million people that came out and overwhelmingly supported this president, voted for him, supported his agenda, and are watching and cheering on as he successfully implements that agenda every single day.” (VIDEO BELOW)



BOOM. This is why we love Sarah!

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