Trump Stepped To The Podium & Said What Obama Never Had The Courage To Admit

Tuesday, President Trump and First Lady Melania partook in paying tribute to the 17th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks while the President delivered remarks in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The President remembered the nearly 3,000 people killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and aboard Flight 93, which went down in Shanksville. (Videos Below)

“We honor their sacrifice by pledging to never flinch in the face of evil and to do whatever it takes to keep America safe,” the President said.

Trump proceeded to salute 5.5 million Americans who have enlisted in the Armed Forces since 9/11, and 7,000 service members who have died facing down the menace of radical Islamic terrorism.

He thanked the 200,000-plus service members now serving overseas, and the citizens who protect our nation at home, including state, local and federal law enforcement.

“Today, we also think of the more than 200,000 service members now serving overseas and we think of every citizen who protects our nation at home, including our state, local and federal law enforcement. These are great Americans. These are great heroes. We honor and thank them all.” (Videos Below)

“America’s future is not written by our enemies. America’s future is written by our heroes,” President Trump said.

He said the 40 passengers and crew on United Flight 93 embodied heroism when they fought back against the hijackers.

“As long as this monument stands, as long as this memorial endures, brave patriots will rise up in America’s hours of need, and they too will fight back.” (Videos Below)

Trump Stepped To The Podium & Said What Obama Never Had The Courage To Admit

During his speech the President said, “A piece of America’s heart is buried on these grounds, but in its place has grown a new resolve to live our lives with the same grace and courage as the heroes of Flight 93. This field is now a monument to American defiance. This memorial is now a message to the world. America will never, ever submit to tyranny.”

President Trump continued, “Since September 11, nearly five-and-a-half million young Americans have enlisted in the United States armed forces. Nearly 7,000 service members have died facing down the menace of radical Islamic terrorism.”

The use of the term “radical Islamic terrorism” was impactful in the speech. Trump did not use the term in his speech during last year’s 9/11 remembrance ceremony. The term “radical Islamic terrorism” was all but banned from the White House during the Obama administration. President W. Bush, the only other president in the post-9/11 era, used the term sparingly, per the Daily Caller.

Watch below as President Trump doesn’t apologize to terrorists, but instead calls out radical Islamic terrorism.


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WATCH BELOW President Trump’s full remarks:

We have a President who is not afraid to call out enemies and he doesn’t bow down.

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