Carter Page Steps Up and Flushes The Spygate Crew Back To The Swamp

[Image source: Fox Business & CBS News video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

Carter Page joined Sean Hannity to respond to the texts that broke about the arranged media leaks by the FBI to obtain the FISA warrants on him.

Carter Page is the American who was spied on by the Government because they thought him a threat to America. (VIDEO BELOW.)

What about Carter’s Rights and what is he doing about it?

Page told Sean, “It’s not about me. They’re just trying to get to the Trump administration. The Trump campaign. This is just a way of tearing down all the great things that President Trump is doing.”

Sean said, “This is about your name. Your reputation. Your life. And it’s an ongoing investigation.”

Sean said that once all the documents are released, “you are going to be exonerated with exculpatory evidence withheld.”

Carter responded, “Well, Sean I just remember two years ago tonight. My good friend, Chris Stevens lost his life in a very similar situation.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Sean said, “Benhgazi.”

Carter continued, “People in Washington. You know, there’s no concern about his safety. And they’re very much worried about their narrative for the media. I have dozens of lawyers I’m up against in the DOJ.”

“Have they ever apologized to you for taking leaks that are unverified?” Sean asked Carter. (VIDEO BELOW.)

“Absolutely not. No,” Page responded.

Carter talks legal action.

Then Carter spoke on his legal action against the Government for spying on him, unjustly.

He said that on January, 6th 2017 – there was a “fake intel report by Clapper, Brennan and Comey. Two weeks before the inauguration. It was split into two themes.”

Specifically, Carter said, “One was the hacking the other is government propaganda. I am doing a legal action right now on the government propaganda.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

BOOM! Bring it on, Carter Page! We are with you!

WATCH the BLOCKBUSTER interview below with American citizen, Carter Page.  

In closing, are you surprised to see Carter Page is fighting back?