Clarence Thomas Comes Out Of Nowhere & Manhandles Booker Over His Spartacus Side Show

Justice Clarence Thomas joined the Federalist Society for an interview. The society is a conservative group who, in part, takes originalists views of the Constitution – and Justice Thomas had JOKES during the session!

In a witty expression of truth and honor – Justice Thomas pokes fun at Booker for his part in lowering the bar during the confirmation hearing.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Justice Thomas discussed the kinds of questions asked during the recent Justice hearing.

Justice Thomas spoke out and said, “I think what deserves all of our legitimacy is …we do our jobs honestly. We do it with integrity, we do it with an ethical foundation. A moral foundation – we follow the law. We live up to the oaths that we take.” 

Brilliantly, Justice Thomas told us what the Supreme Court does, he added, “And I mean brick by brick – we build the structure and fabric of a society.”

Specifically, he noted then paused and said, “Not one of us – can build it up or tear it down – by ourselves.”

Justice Thomas then turns his attention to the word “Honorable” and he asked American’s to consider that word while applying it to society in general. (VIDEO BELOW.)

He then said something SO funny the crowd erupted in laughter!

He said, “If we could use that word about MORE people who are in public life. People who actually ask the question – at confirmation hearings – instead of ‘SPARTACUS’!” 

The audience LAUGHS OUT LOUD! Moreover, Justice Thomas took a moment to grin himself!

Soon – you could hear hearty clapping as the room obviously agreed with the sentiment that grandstanding by Booker knocks down the honor of the confirmation hearings. (VIDEO BELOW.)

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CSPAN tweeted the video:

Justice Ginsberg drops her wisdom on the hearing, too. You will be surprised! She agrees with Clarence!

Additionally, another Justice – stepped up and said that the treatment of the nominee is WRONG.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attended NAPABA Law Foundation where she gave an interview.

She was asked about the recent hearing and was asked to compare it to when she was confirmed. (Video below.)

She criticized the treatment of the nominee, she said, “The way it was – was RIGHT. The way it is – is WRONG.

WATCH Justice Ginsberg say what is happening with the hearing is WRONG. 

In closing, we have two Justices who agree with the way our HONORABLE hearings should take place. Do you agree with them?

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