Fitton Makes A Move That Has ‘Spartacus’ Booker Looking More Like A Little Rascal

America’s watch dog – Tom Fitton – President of Judicial Watch – does the RIGHT thing again!

And this time – it’s a doozy! A well-placed and deserved shot to the self-proclaimed modern-day Spartacus! (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Thank you, Judicial Watch!

On Wednesday, Judicial Watch filed a compliant against Cory Booker with the Senate Ethics Committee!

Specifically,  they “hand-delivered a letter to the chairman and co-chairman of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics.”

Judicial Watch called “for an investigation into Senator Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) admitted violation Senate rules by releasing confidential records through his social media accounts.”

Additionally, the Judicial Watch file showed that “Senator Booker faces expulsion from the Senate for his violation of the rules.”  (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Menedez was the last Senator admonished by the Committee. 

The last Senator who was “severely admonished” by the Committee was Robert Menedez (D-NJ) for accepting impermissible gifts.

Although Menedez dodged a federal corruption charge according to a Quinnipiac poll – his Republican competitor only trails him 43% to 37%. A much tighter gap at 6% than the previous 17% gap for the 2018 midterm polls. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Tom Fitton tells us like it is and gets to the heart of the matter!

Regarding the Supreme Court Justice nominee hearing, Fitton said, “some of the questioning was INSANE and CORRUPT.”

“I’m thinking of Senator Booker who thought he could LAWLESSLY release confidential documents to try to ‘GET’ Kavanaugh,” he told America.

“THIS is what the left has come to. Break the law – if you don’t like the person you’re targeting. Break the law to ‘get’ them.” – Tom Fitton

The Judicial Watch President continued, “They want to engage in violence and lawlessness.”  (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Fitton then asked for America’s help.

He asked that we contact our Senator’s and let them know what we “think about what went on.”

Click here to quickly contact your Senator.

WATCH  as “ Watch does the heavy lifting. Again. Files ethics complaint against Sen. Booker over his admitted violations of rules to attack Kavanaugh.”