NO ESCAPE: What diGenova Just Declared Will Have The Walls Closing In For The Swamp

Joe diGenova joined the Hannity show on Fox News and discussed exactly what the FBI/Media leaks mean on a large scale.

Furthermore, the legalities are NOT looking good for the FBI/Media leak crew from the corrupt Obama-era. (VIDEO BELOW.)

However, the American citizen who was illegally spied upon – Carter Page – is going to be OK.

Joe began by telling the panel “Here’s what we do know. From the texts revealed…we are NOW at a different place.”

Specifically, he said, “The walls are closing in, but they’re not closing in on the President. They’re closing in on the FBI and the Department of Justice under President Obama.”

Joe expanded his premise. He told America, “Those text messages by [the FBI lovebirds] which reveal an ILLEGAL MEDIA STRATEGY to ILLEGALLY and CRIMINALLY release FISA warrant information. And name a U.S. citizen whose information they gave to the New York Times is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE.”

Furthermore, “by mentioning Carter Page – they have now created massive civil liabilities for everybody involved in revealing Carter Page’s name,” diGenova stated. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The entire Obama-era FBI involved in the Media leaks are in legal jeopardy now.

DiGenova started naming names. Specifically, he said, that the former FBI agent and his paramour have involved “themselves. James Baker, the former FBI General Counsel. Priestep – everybody in the chain of command.”

In addition, the reporters for the New York Times have NO PRIVILEGES NOW,” he announced in a blockbuster statement!

They also can be SUED by Carter Page,” the former U.S. District of Columbia Attorney General announced.

DiGenova informed us, that although the reporters may have been able to receive the information that by “publishing it – they revealed classified information that smeared Carter Page.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Then in a truth bomb, diGenova stated, “Carter Page is going to be a VERY wealthy man.” Sounds like the New York Times better lawyer up!

In ending, WATCH diGenova tell the legalities of the latest texts.