Don Jr. Drops A Bomb That’ll Make Obama Regret Stepping Back In The Lime Light

In an EXCLUSIVE piece, Breitbart pointed to a radio interview where Donald Trump Junior spoke with Matt Boyle about Barrack Hussein Obama.

This is definitely a radio show – Breitbart News Saturday – you don’t want to miss. (Podcast and video below.)

With perfect logic and FACTS – Don Jr. told America exactly why it’s good Obama is trying for a comeback.

Breitbart reported: 

“Without question, he’s our best salesman,” Trump Jr. said of Obama on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel. “No one with a brain actually believes he did anything good for our economy or for our foreign policy. Everyone saw that anything he did basically put America at risk and made us weaker.

Every time he drew a red line, other countries walked all over it. He did it again, and they walked all over it. Guess what? Countries, whether it’s foreign policy-wise or whether it’s business-wise, they realize you have someone now that actually cares about America in there.

That’s actually doing it–not someone who’s going to make us look weak where you can walk all over us because that’s the precedent that he set. There’s a new sheriff in town. We’ve changed all that.” (Podcast and video below.)

Listen to the podcast below. Or click here

The interview continued by Breitbart.

Additionally, Breitbart reported Don Junior’s assessment. He said, “The biggest joke I’ve seen in the last two years is Obama claiming credit–trying to claim this economy,” Trump Jr. said, “because his policies of over-taxation, oppressive regulation, guess what? That didn’t do anything. That drove this country into the ground. That led to the worst recovery in the history of probably economics but certainly our country’s history.”

“For him to run around doing this now–there’s a reason why on November 9, 2016, all of those matrices shot up like a rocket. It’s because businesses, employers, people realized you got someone who’s actually going to fight for you, not fight just for special interests, not fight for people in countries that hate our guts, but actually fight for real Americans. Real Americans, their jobs, their companies, their businesses,” Don Junior said.

“That’s what happened, and when consumer confidence started going up the day my father won because they knew he wasn’t going to oppress them, everything started following. I want to keep that going; that’s how we get rid of some of the other problems we’re having. That’s how we get rid of unfunded pension liability. That’s how we get rid of some of our deficits, is by producing, having GDP numbers above four percent. Okay, remember when Obama said you need a magic wand to make that happen? Well, abracadabra, Obama. We’re doing it,” as transcribed by Brietbart. (Video below.)

And we ALL remember the Obama “magic wand” moment! President Trump tweeted it out to everyone! Watch below!