Fmr Schumer Aide Sent Through Bongino’s Shredder After Defending Kerry’s Iran Talks

Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent joined Judge Jeanine Pirro in an explosive interview with a former Schumer aide about the Logan Act.

Chris Hahn, was exposed for the liberal talking point regarding John Kerry’s meeting with foreign enemies about the Iranian Nuclear Deal. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Bongino wipes the floor with the Schumer aide.

Chris Hahn appeared to laugh at his own liberal hypocritical spin. And Dan Bongino dismantled the liberal logic effortlessly.

Judge Jeanine begins by defining the Logan Act of 1799. The Logan Act, 18 U.S. Code 953, “prohibits unauthorized American citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.”

Kerry broke the Logan Act while he met Iran’s Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Kerry was aware that President Trump withdrew from the 2015 deal.

In a brilliant litany, Bongino pointed out that “no-one has been successfully prosecuted using the Logan Act in the history of the United States.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Bongino SHREDS the liberal talking point that Michael Flynn is guilty of the Logan Act but John Kerry is not.

The former secret service agent said, “Here’s the problem, Judge, the Logan Act was the predicate for going after Lieutenant General Mike Flynn when Sally Yates was the Deputy Attorney General.”

Additionally, Bongino smoothly pointed out the leftist hypocrisy, he said, “So. Chris CANNOT have it both ways.”

In a stellar showdown, Bongino said, “Either the Logan Act is crap. And he will fully renounce and apologize to General Mike Flynn for this nonsense. Or, he’s a total hypocrite and he’s about to be exposed on your show.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Dan flushed Chris down with the swamp water.

Bongino replied, “Judge…this is WHY people cannot STAND liberals. I don’t mind Democrats. It’s liberals like Chris. Did you see the way he just snaked his way out of that? John Kerry DID EXACTLY what the definition of what a negotiation would be.

Systematically, Dan ticked off why Kerry broke the Logan Act. “He was involved in a dispute with the United States with the Iran Deal. He was UNAUTHORIZED, he went overseas. And he told the Iranians – an ENEMY of the United States – what to do – to battle back against the Trump administration,” Dan told America.

Boom! WATCH Chris Hahn get hemmed into his own hypocrisy.

In closing, Kerry broke the Logan Act. Do you agree? Drop your comment below and tell us what YOU think!