Judge Jeanine Explodes On Feinstein Over Her Twisted Kavanaugh Accusation

On Saturday night, Judge Jeanine absolutely laid into Senator Dianne Feinstein over her latest “Demon Rat” dirty trick used in the process of confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

At the end of last week, Feinstein tried using a vague, decades-old accusation against Kavanaugh as a way to try to block him from being eligible to serve as Supreme Court Justice. And Judge Jeanine leveled Feinstein in what was one of her most explosive “Opening Statements” to date. Video Below

Judge Jeanine chastised Democrat members of the Senate, primarily Feinstein, for using a ‘guilty-before-being-proven-innocent’ tactic against Kavanaugh, which is opposite of the way America’s Judicial system works.

In regards to the letter that Feinstein had for over two months before the hearings, Judge Pirro asked:

“Dianne, when you got the letter, what did you do to make sure it’s real? That the person is even real?…Did you even speak with this alleged person? Did you meet with her? Talk with her? Interview her? Did you ask her to meet with others? Did you ask her why she said nothing for almost 40 years?”

Jeanine then said she believes the letter is nothing but a bunch of hog wash, especially since it’s coming from a party who is trying to use a fake dossier to get rid of the President. Kavanaugh has since denied the allegations. Video Below

Pirro then got to the bottom of it all and asked the questions that many Americans would like to know about Feinstein’s latest move.

She asked, “Dianne, why would you even wait to send it to the FBI? Is it because nothing in you and your pack of Demon Rats, AKA Democrats, bag-of-tricks was working against Kavanaugh?”

Judge Jeanine then questioned why it took so long to come forward. And she questioned why Feinstein didn’t ask Kavanaugh about the letter when given a chance at the hearing and in the over 300 questions given to him after the hearing. She asks Feinstein, “What were you thinking?! Are you stupid?!” VIDEO BELOW

Judge Jeanine Explodes On Dianne Feinstein


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In ending, do you think the Kavanaugh-accuser letter is nothing but more “Demon Rat” hogwash as Judge Jeanine suggests? Scroll down below and let us know what you think!