Nunes Swipes Back After Schiff Says Trump Crossed A ‘Red Line’ By Declassifying Docs

Last night, after the EXPLOSIVE move by President Trump to DECLASSIFY THE DOCS, Devin Nunes joined Laura Ingraham for an intriguing weigh-in interview.

Laura played a clip of ranking member of House Intel, Adam Schiff’s response after he found out the documents would become fully transparent to the American people. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Nunes blew on Schiff’s house of cards and watched them fall into a steaming pile of swamp backwash!

First, Laura reviewed which documents would be released. She told us it would be the FISA warrant applications for Carter Page.

Additionally, the Bruce Ohr FBI notes about the FISA applications called 302’s would also become available to the American people.

Finally, Nunes added, “there’s exculpatory information and text messages between the top leaders of the FBI at the time,” which the President has ordered to be released.

They also defined that the process “shouldn’t take more than a few days;” however, they fully expect to be stonewalled for longer. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Laura provided the clip of Schiff’s formal response.

Laura said, “Already attempting to set-in-stone what these documents say.” She continued, “to me, it looks very defensive on the part of Adam Schiff.”

“Why so defensive? Why not just say, ‘okay it’s the President’s decision’. And wouldn’t the American people like to see this after all this time?”

This was the Democrat’s response via Adam Schiff: (See Schiff’s reply below.)

Schiff's formal statement on document release. Photo credit to US4Trump screen grab.

Schiff’s formal statement on document release. Photo credit to US4Trump screen grab.

Schiff said WHAT? Exactly what is he pouring out of the Kool-aid pitcher?

Apparently the kool-aid is as blue as can be. Probably, the super blueberry-berry flavor.

Anyway, Nunes replied, “Well, the mainstream media is also buying the KOOL-AID that this is going to endanger National security.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

“I don’t know how many times they’re gonna run that play call but it’s LAUGHABLE that they’re saying this is going to somehow endanger National security,” Nunes told America.

“This is really FULL transparency for the AMERICAN PEOPLE,” Devin said. “For two years we’ve been force feeding this Russia kool-aid,” Devin said and it’s about to fall apart and wide open.

And guess what? The left doesn’t like it. Because they are going to be EXPOSED like never before.

WATCH Nunes blow down the house of cards and light the Democrats on fire!