Kav’s Accuser Gets Dumbstruck By What Megyn Kelly Just Laid Out For Her

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Megyn Kelly pivots against the left on a woman’s issue, and it’s almost too uncanny to be true!

We think we found the reason WHY Megyn shifted dramatically against Ford and onto the Kavanaugh team. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Megyn Kelly and her ratings are in the dungeon!

Business Insider reported in April, “NBC’s $69 million bet on Megyn Kelly is turning into a disaster. Megyn Kelly has a three-year, $69 million contract with NBC, but her show’s ratings are lagging.” 

“Megyn Kelly Today” averages about 2.4 million viewers. “Live With Kelly and Ryan” reaches an audience of 3 million in the same time slot on ABC,” said Megyn Kelly. 

Kelly joined MSNBC on Hardball and actually took the Republican perspective on the Ford accusation against Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Based on her knowledge as a pundit and a lawyer, Megyn started with, “I think Dr. Ford is running out of options.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Megyn Kelly PIVOTS to the right side in a stunning reversal.

Kelly explained, “I think she needs to show up on Monday and offer her testimony if she wants to be heard because for better or for worse, she is not in charge of this.”

The Senate is in charge of this. That committee is in charge of this. And, their obligation is to provide advice and consent to the President on his judicial nominee. And so, they get to decide what will inform that decision,” Kelly said.

She continued, “And so, what they have decided is they will reopen the hearings. Which they think is in a combination of that Dianne Feinstein knew about this allegation when the hearings were opened originally and didn’t raise it. She could have raised it, you know saying there is an anonymous accuser.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

But, now we are standing that they are re-opening it and giving her the chance to speak… publicly, privately. Senator Grassley even said we will send somebody out to California to interview you…and she’s REJECTED ALL OF THOSE. ”

Senator Cornyn (R-TX) is right. She isn’t in a position to demand protocols. It’s not her right.”

Megyn was then asked, “What happens if there’s no hearing on Monday?”

And Kelly responded, “It’s DO or DIE for her.” Afterall, she has already maligned his reputation. (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH Megyn Kelly interview with Hardball

In closing, don’t worry Megyn. We have not forgotten your attempt at smearing then-Candidate Trump during the debates. But, thanks for supporting Kavanaugh against another obvious smear job.