Sara Carter Reveals The Sneaky New Trick That’s Up DOJ & FBI’s Sleeve To Dodge Trump

Investigative journalist and award-winning war correspondent, Sara A. Carter joined Lou Dobbs and let loose on the Democrats.

There’s nothing like FACTS and TRUTH to expose the Democrats and their dirty little tricks. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Sara spoke out on the DOJ and FBI and how they want to defy the President’s orders.

The President of the United States handed down an order for the FBI and DOJ to release a set of documents which would expose the corruption at the highest echelons of the corrupt Obama DOJ and FBI.

Since then, the gang of four – Pelosi – Schumer – Schiff & Warner – shrunk by half from the gang of eight, sent a letter to the DOJ, FBI and DNI to ask that they NOT COMPLY with the President’s orders.

See tweet below. Click here to read letter in full.

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Sara points out in the interview that the letter represents a straight up silent coup against the President of the United States.

There are documents to prove that there is a “bureaucracy inside the United States government – working against the President. And that is why they want to defy the President.

Carter then told America that the documents are expected to be released as soon as next week. And that the FBI is planning on sending them to the President first – but still redacted.

She believes that “they are going to turn those documents over to the President and then say – now – it’s up to you to declass. I think that they are trying to figure out ways to stall or maybe put pressure on the President.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Sara said, “the President has every authority under Article Two to declassify these documents.” She then adds, “And the American people deserve to see it.

The Deep State do not want the American people to see the unredacted documents related to the Russia probe.

The FBI  are trying to say it is for “National Security” reasons that we cannot see the documents wholly unredacted.

However, Sara told us that “there is nothing in the request. Nothing whatsoever, that would violate National security or give away sources and methods.’

So when you hear the mass hysteria media saying the President is declassifying national secrets – don’t buy it! It is NOT true! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Sara ended and said, “by the authority of the President, he can HAVE those unredacted documents. And he can disclose those to Congress. And Congress can disclose them to the American people.”

Carter further said, “so they can kick and scream and cry at the DOJ and the FBI. But the American people are going to know the TRUTH. The American people are going to get these documents. They can stall all they want but in the end. We will get them.”

WATCH the blockbuster interview as Sara exposed the Dems next dirty trick!