With A Four-Word Zinger, Dershowitz Destroys Kav Accuser’s Game Plan

Harvard law professor and self-proclaimed democrat, Alan Dershowitz joined Tammy Bruce and Sean Hannity Friday night. And Alan has had enough with the Kavanaugh accuser!

Professor Dershowitz called the whole thing “ABSURD” since we have not heard from Kavanaugh or his accuser! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Dershowitz compared the accusers’s demands to the Inquisition!

In the list of her demands, her attorney’s asked that she speak LAST. She is the accuser.

In the United States of America, you have the right to hear your accuser, and then reply to their accusation. The attorney actually demanded that Kavanaugh go first then the accuser last.

Tammy Bruce, political pundit said, “the request she made, also, would literally set up an actual Kangaroo court. Where you change the rules, principles and process of a court hearing…and clearly it’s ABSURD.”

Specifically, Tammy said, “It’s almost as if they wanted [the list of demands] to be rejected so they could say the committee didn’t want to hear her.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

With FOUR POWERFUL WORDS Dershowitz calls the accuser’s demands out for the insanity it is!

“It’s ABSURD for anyone – at this point – to say, ‘I believe her’ or ‘I believe him’ or ‘I don’t believer her’ or ‘I don’t believe him'” the Professor said.

Then with a gentle voice and impeccable logic and with his hands wide open, he stated “We haven’t heard them. We haven’t seen the evidence.”

“You know, people aren’t born with a sex-linked gene for honestly or dishonestly. Some women lie, some women tell the truth. Some men lie, some men tell the truth,” Dershowitz said simply. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Then he drilled the reality of the situation home and he said, “The one thing there should be NO COMPROMISE ON… and every civil libertarian and every Democrat should demand!”

And with a poignant pause he said, “SHE MUST GO FIRST.

Dershowitz explained, “…the tool of the Inquisition was to always call the accused FIRST. Make him testify. Make him lay out his whole case. And only then – tell him what the accusation is.”

The Harvard law professor then expounded that more than anything else, “due process – civil liberties and the rule of law” must prevail. “SHE MUST GO FIRST.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH as Alan Dershowitz foils the accuser’s game plan.