What Jordan Just Announced Will Have Rod Slithering Closer Out The Door

GOP lawmakers, including Jim Jordan, aren’t going to take it anymore!

Led by Jordan (R-OH) they have banded together and asked the DOJ watchdog to investigate Rosenstein! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Rosenstein does not believe there should be oversight committees.

It’s no secret that Rosenstein has a disdain for oversight. He believes the DOJ should run without oversight by Congress.

In late July, US4Trump reported Gregg Jarrett of Fox News and he said, “Rosenstein has treated Congress with nothing but contempt. And should be held in contempt. And impeached if appropriate.” 

“This is a guy who has been covering up from the beginning. For nine long months, the origins of the Trump Russia hoax,” Jarrett said.

And now, it has come to light that Rosenstein has applied soft threat tactics to House committee staffers. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Rosenstein threatens staff members on the House Intelligence committee, Jordan announced!

Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee responded to the question if impeachment is still on the table that ALL options are still out there, including impeachment.

It’s been reported. And we have talked to these staffers. But it’s been reported that Rod Rosenstein THREATENED House Intelligence committee staffers,” Jordan told Fox News.

“So, you have the executive branch – the top official at the Justice Department – threatening folks in the legislative branch for trying to do our Constitutional duty to conduct oversight,” Jordan said. (VIDEO BELOW.)

‘I’m going to subpoena your phone records…I’m going to subpoena your emails’…and that’s what these staffers have said,” that Rosenstein told them, Jordan informed America.

When you have THAT kind of person say those things to you. This needs to be investigated. This is the kind of behavior that should NOT be tolerated,” Jordan said in no uncertain terms.

So THAT is a BIG problem,” the Ohio Congressman stated.

Everything is on the table. But we will see. If we get the information then there won’t be that. If we don’t. Then I think we look at contempt. And we possibly look at impeachment.” the Ohio Congressman said. (VIDEO BELOW.)

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Watch as Jim calls out Rosenstein for his soft threat tactics to staffers in the legislative branch!