WRONG MOVE: McCabe’s Decision To Release His Memos Just Gravely Backfired

Friday night Lee Smith of Real Clear Investigations joined Laura Ingraham breaking down the aftermath of the “Rosenstein bombshell” that was leaked to the New York Times.

White House insiders believe that former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe’s team planted a story in the press suggesting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is conspiring against the president. (Video Below)

McCabe’s colleagues allegedly plotted to bait President Donald Trump into firing Rosenstein ahead of November’s midterm elections, Politco reported. Individuals within the West Wing believe the former FBI director’s team pushed the story to create political consequences for President Trump.

Rosenstein pushed back at the accusations from the article that suggested he discussed wearing a wire to record President Trump and volunteered to recruit cabinet officials to potentially remove the President from office.

On the Ingraham Angle, Lee Smith explained in detail what he believes happened and why the The New York Times leaked the story.

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Lee Smith explains the reaction is part of a larger response to President Trump’s declassification order of the FISA documents.

When the President said he was going to declassify documents, that’s when everything hit the fan. Rats are running scared.

Apparently McCabe didn’t talk to The New York Times, but Lee explains why he believes otherwise. (Video Below)

Lee explained that McCabe, or someone close to McCabe, is threatening Rosenstein with dirt that McCabe can use on the Deputy Attorney.

He believes that “if” the documents are released and declassified, then McCabe is taking Rosenstein down with him.

Lee stated that Rod Rosenstein talked to President Trump convincing him to hold off on the documents by delaying.

Little did McCabe know that Rosenstein convinced President Trump to hold off on the declassification of the documents, and in the meantime the The New York Times hit piece was in the making and ready to blast out. The story dropped a couple hours after President Trump tweeted the documents were going to go to the Inspector General.

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“Imagine this plan I had to get us both in the clear.” Mike Lee says of Rosenstein’s horror.




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