Matt Gaetz Sends Shockwaves Through Rosenstein Amid McCabe’s Memo Leaks

Matt Gaetz (R-FL) joined the Tucker Carlson Tonight Show Friday night. And he showed an open hand with a BLOCKBUSTER revelation.

Gaetz told America exactly who needs to go in front of Congress under oath! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Rosenstein admits to talking about wire tapping the President.

There is no question that Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General –  ‘joked’ about wiretapping the President of the United States.

The bias is so raw and palpable – it is glaringly apparent that Rosenstein is clearly a Trump hater.

Furthermore,  Rosenstein signed the last FISA warrant to continue to spy on President Trump. And because Sessions recused himself, Rosenstein is also in charge of the Mueller witch hunt or Special Counsel to investigate President Trump.

The conflict of interest alone coupled with the bias is particularly breathtakingly unbelievable. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Gaetz recommends getting Rosenstein and Scott Schools in front of Congress under oath.

Tucker then mentioned that Andrew McCabe, is under Grand Jury investigation – and that’s WHY the DOJ cannot deny what Rosenstein said – joking or not.

Technically, if they admit someone was lying then the D.C. Judge can then throw the case out against McCabe.

Tucker asked Gaetz about that. And Gaetz responded with a BLOCKBUSTER comment! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Gaetz said, “Well, there were other people in the room, Tucker. I’ve had sources who have said Scott Schools was in the room.”

And he’s the other anonymous source cited in the New York Times piece. So let’s bring Scott Schools back from his Uber job. Let’s bring Rod Rosenstein. Why not put them under oath and ask them?”, Matt asked in a stunning concept of congressional oversight!

“If we’re afraid to do that as a Republican congress – then we are derelict in our oversight responsibilities,” Congressman Gaetz stated.

Matt continued, “We gotta find out…let’s just assume it was a joke, Tucker. How appropriate is it for the Deputy Attorney General to be joking about wire tapping the President while he is over-seeing an investigation of the President in front of his colleagues and subordinates?” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Then Gaetz ended with. “Roseanne Barr got fired for a joke. And frankly, I think [Rod] Rosenstein might too.”

WATCH Gaetz call for Rosenstein to come under congressional oath to testify for his “joke”!