Hannity Asks His Guests If The DOJ & FBI Attempted A Coup, SUDDENLY Reactions Erupt

Friday night on Fox News, host Sean Hannity was joined by legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, investigative reporter Sara Carter, and former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

In an action packed five minutes, they broke down exactly what went down and why- behind the New York Times releasing their planned and plotted attack with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. (Video Below)

The New York Times dropped a bomb on swamp rat Rod Rosenstein Friday afternoon, writing that Rosenstein considered wearing a wire to record President Trump after he fired FBI Director James Comey.

There are indicators this is a revenge effort by Andy McCabe while speculation swirls that the bombshell report was planted to sabotage.

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Carter, Jarrett, and Chaffetz all weighed in Friday night explaining the swampy details. (Video Below)

On Friday, after the New York Times dropped their “bombshell,” the left was hoping President Trump would jump in and fire Rosenstein. That didn’t happen.

First and foremost, The New York Times is a liberal hack propaganda “news” outlet. Remember, this is the same company who Peter Strzok and Lisa Page used to plant stories to smear President Trump. No one is shocked at this story.

The timing of this story is peculiar as Mueller’s phony witch hunt should be coming to an end. Further, President Trump is ready to declassify FISA documents and it will show the extreme bias and hatred within the swamp who tried to remove a sitting President. (Related Article: Before Releasing Docs, Trump Makes A Move That Will Leave The Swamp Sweating(Video Below)

In May of 2017, Rod Rosenstein wrote a letter to President Trump suggesting he fire James Comey. In turn, the swamp wanted to use this as a way of obstruction to trap the President. It didn’t work.

It doesn’t stop there. The swamp is still trying to corner the President with other means of dirty tactics and traps.

Sara Carter explained that Andrew McCabe is currently facing a grand jury after lying and leaking to the media, and he doesn’t want to be the only person going down. “He wants to take everyone else with him.” Carter said.

She expressed that the President and DOJ needs to launch a full investigation and look into the seriousness of the wiretap allegation, while finding out if Rosenstein had asked people to wear wiretaps to frame the President and remove him from office, citing the 25th amendment.

Sara declared, “He eventually needs to fire him! [Rosenstein]. That absolutely must happen.” (Video Below)

Hannity noted that the FISA documents now need to be released, and a second special counsel needs to be in place.

Chaffetz announced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is absolutely worthless. “Instead of running the agency, he just goes around and gives a few speeches. He’s worthless there.” Jason said while praising Inspector General Michael Horowitz for discovering text messages within the swamp.

“I don’t buy into this delay.” He said referring to the the FISA documents. “At the heart of this, two months into the Presidency, you have seven people sitting around, months after Donald Trump took the Presidency, and they’re discussing what? How to take down Donald Trump.” Chaffetz added.

Hannity asked if this was an attempted coup and a means to stop and destroy the President by the FBI and DOJ. The panel all agreed the affirmative.

Gregg Jarrett explained, “It’s the equivalent of an attempted coup, a plot to overthrow the Trump Presidency. Saboteurs within the DOJ and FBI working furiously to undo the election results and frame Trump for colluding with Russia… even though they had no evidence at all.” (Video Below)

Jarrett continued, “The only thing they had was a phony dossier they knew was fabricated and written by a liar, and funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

Next, Jarrett said Rosenstein certainly deserves to be fired while adding that the special counsel needs to be terminated, because it’s corrupted and tainted.

Carter added that this was a silent coup. “This is what they call a blood list, and they got caught. They didn’t know how to do it, and everything is coming out now. We need a special counsel to find out the truth.”

Chaffetz got the last word and proclaimed, “Find out everyone that was in that meeting, one at a time, under oath, bring them before Congress and make them explain what was on there, because it certainly has all the suspicions and all the markings.”

It’s time to release the documents.



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