Brett Kavanaugh Unloads His Secret Weapon That DOOMS Dr. Ford For Good

As the days count down for Judge Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed for the Supreme Court, the democrats continue their clown show to derail his nomination.

With their latest stunt to stop Kavanaugh, Diane Feinstein sat on an alleged letter for weeks and even during the hearing. But like a democrat, she announces a “new” shocking revelation. (Video Below)

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is cooperating fully and ready to clear his name after the democrats full scale attack to ruin him and his career.

He is now planning to give the Senate Judiciary Committee calendars from his high school years.

Kavanuagh’s legal team argues will back up his denial of sexual misconduct allegations, The New York Times reported.

Further, the calendars will show that Kavanaugh was away for most of the summer in 1982, when Christine Blasey Ford claimed Kavanaugh assaulted her at a party. (Video Below)

According to the Times, the calendars include details about other gatherings that he attended, but do not include details about a party to the one Ford claims.

On Sunday, Ford officiallly agreed to publicly testify about the alleged misconduct. The hearing is set for Thursday.

Ford named three other people who she said attended the party more than 30 years ago. Each of them in recent days have denied attending the party. (Video Below)

Kavanaugh and Ford will be the only ones to testify.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said on Sunday, “If she wanted to stay anonymous, those who betrayed her need to apologize, but she will be treated respectfully, but she will be challenged, just like Judge Kavanaugh.”


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