Dershowitz Slaps Rosenstein Back To The Gutter Over His Alleged Trump Frame Job

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Alan Dershowitz joined Fox and Friends Sunday morning laying down some common sense for the haters who don’t understand why the 25th Amendment is used.

The left wing media has recently been pushing the idea of removing President Trump using the 25th Amendment as a way to keep the left’s base in check with scare tactics and hate. (Video Below)

On Sunday, Alan Dershowitz slapped down the idea of the 25th Amendment being used on President Trump.

Dershowitz explained that the Amendment was designed to prevent what happened to the 28th President, Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow had a stroke and he couldn’t govern.

He also pointed out what happened to President Ronald Reagan who was shot and temporary turned it over to the Vice President.

(Video Below)

“[The 25th Amendment] wasn’t intended to remove a president, who you disagree with his policies…. or you think the White House is in disarray!” Dershowitz declared.

He’s absolutely right. The left has full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome and all they know is obstruct and resist.

Triggered liberals throw the 25th Amendment threat around a lot and cannot accept Crooked Hillary lost. Maybe they should have picked a better candidate. (Video Below)

Further, this comes after White House insiders believe that former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe’s team planted a story in the press suggesting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is conspiring against the president.

McCabe’s colleagues allegedly plotted to bait President Donald Trump into firing Rosenstein ahead of November’s midterm elections, Politco reported. Individuals within the West Wing believe the former FBI director’s team pushed the story to create political consequences for President Trump.

Rosenstein pushed back at the accusations from the article that suggested he discussed wearing a wire to record President Trump and volunteered to recruit cabinet officials to potentially remove the President from office.

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Watch below as Alan Dershowitz sets the record straight:


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