PINK SLIP READY: Pompeo Slaps Down A Warning To Swamp Dwellers Defying Trump’s Agenda

Sunday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo interviewed with Chris Wallace in an exclusive interview where they discussed a number of ranging topics.

During the interview, one topic asked was in relation to Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein and the recent bombshell dropped by The New York Times. (Video Below)

During his interview on Sunday, the Secretary of State reiterated a statement he made earlier in the week with Laura Ingraham concerning people who are not on board with the President’s agenda.

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Mike Pompeo delivered a sound response to the resistance crew or anyone working in government that goes against President Trump’s agenda.

(Video Below)

PINK SLIP READY: Pompeo Slaps Down A Warning To Swamp Dwellers Defying Trump’s Agenda

The Secretary of State was asked by Chris Wallace about Rod Rosenstein and Pompeo responded with class.

“I’ve been pretty clear since my beginning of service here in this administration. If you can’t be on the team, if you’re not supporting this mission, then maybe you just ought to find something else to do.” He said.

“We need everybody helping to achieve President Trump’s mission, and I hope that everyone in every agency DOJ, FBI, State Department is on that mission.” Pompeo said. (Video Below)

Pompeo added, “And if you’re not, [on board] I think you should take this time to go do something more productive.”

Watch Below as Pompeo knocks it out of the park: 

The Secretary of State is right. If you’re part of the resistance, there is no reason to be working for Trump’s administration. Find something else to do.

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