Goodlatte Makes A Move That Has Rosenstein Sinking In His Chaotic Game Of Chess

Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), Chair of the House Judiciary Committee visited with Maria Bartiromo on FOX News’ Sunday Morning Futures. It was a POWER PACKED interview.

The Congressman unloaded BAD NEWS for the cover-up crew at the Department of Justice. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Why we need to see the documents from the DOJ that the President has declassifed.

Maria and Congressman Goodlatte discussed the documents. President Trump asked for the documents to be released to the American people. Moreover, they are essential for understanding the origins of the Russia-Mueller probe.

Specifically, the President requested the documents be declassified and made available for FULL transparency. Now, the documents are going to the Inspector General for review before release.

The Chairman believes that “…it is very, very important that the American people get access to the information…”. We will then understand how the Trump-Russia Mueller probe was born. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Goodlatte plans to drop an S-bomb on the DOJ this week.

Goodlatte explained, there are “some key, key documents. Including, the so-called ‘Mccabe memo’s’ which could very directly bear upon this question of ‘what was Rod Rosenstein doing in that meeting?” The meeting took place, “immediately prior to the appointment of Robert Mueller as the Special Counsel,” Bob said.

Additionally, Goodlatte said that the documents will answer the question if “these allegations that are in the New York Times actually true?”

Furthermore, the Virginia Congressman said, “I think a lot of light can be shed on that if the documents we’ve been requesting for quite some time are made public.”

Then Goodlatte dropped the S-bomb. He said, “So as a result of that – this week – if they’re not produced by tomorrow or Tuesday. THIS WEEK we are going to issue a subpoena to the Justice Department.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

In ending, Goodlatte said, “The Congress is entitled to see them unredacted. And we are entitled to see them RIGHT NOW.”

WATCH the video below as Goodlatte drops the S-bomb on the DOJ.