Jarrett Rips The Crooked Out Of Mueller’s Witch Hunt & Puts It On Full Blast

Gregg Jarrett appeared on Life, Liberty and Levin in what was an astounding interview.

Jarrett went head to head against Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump’s 2016 campaign. The notions drawn by him were powerful, as he pointed out just how unfair the investigation really is.

Jarrett first raised eyebrows when he said Mueller’s team is clearly not following the rule of law that “everybody’s innocent until proven guilty.” And it’s very troubling, considering his team consists of Democrats who already despise President Trump.

He suggested that Mueller knows he can’t indict a sitting President, so he will include in his final report something that Democrats can “hang their hat on” as a way to present articles of impeachment against the President.

Jarrett then discussed how Mueller is, by far, the wrong person to be investigating Trump’s campaign. He cited “multiple conflicts of interest” and said Mueller “should have recused himself from the very beginning.”

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Gregg Jarrett Discusses Robert Mueller’s Strategy And Conflicts Of Interest

Jarrett topped it off when he pointed out what many Republicans are wondering, as far as 2016 campaign investigations go.

And that is, why is Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC not being investigated?

He said, “I find it astonishing that the @POTUS is being investigated over something that is not even remotely collusion & yet @HillaryClinton‘s actions & the Democratic National Committee, their efforts, which to me is a violation of the law, is not being investigated.”

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Republican lawmakers are often quoted as saying that the only way Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation can be considered “complete” is if he investigates both sides of the aisle.

Congressman Trey Gowdy recently said that out of all of the information he has seen thus far, there is no evidence of Russian collusion.

And Rep. Matt Gaetz has clearly stated that the only evidence of foreign interference occured when the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign funded the Steele Dossier via Fusion GPS. And it was this fake dossier that ultimately led to the current Witch Hunt against Trump.

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The Special Counsel along with his team of “17 angry Democrats” may be looking in all the wrong places. And until they prove there is no bias in their investigation and look at the other side of the aisle too, they will have a hard time convincing America that their actions aren’t a working plan of the bureaucratic plot to oust Trump.

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