Reporter Thinks He Finally Trapped Trump, Gets Instantly Humiliated

On Wednesday, President Trump held a news conference amid the Kavanaugh onslaught from obstructionist democrats.

The President put democrats rightly in their places along with the left-wing biased press pool. (Video Below)

During the news conference, President Trump took a number of questions from the press and it was Jim Acosta’s lucky day to get called on by the President.

However, it didn’t work out so well in his favor and President Trump made him look like the fool he is.

Acosta started his question to the President by asking him if he would call on one of his female colleagues afterwards.

Trump asked the room, “What does he mean by that. Explain.” Trump looked Jim directly in the eye-by asking him, “what exactly was he was implying by that question.” (Video Below)

Jim insisted that the President answer a question by one of his female colleagues upon the sexual allegation issue. The President agreed and said he wouldn’t mind it.

Then, Jim asked President Trump in the most biased and arrogant fashion, “Why is it Mr. President that you always seem to side with the accused and not the accuser? You have three women here, who are all making allegations, who are all asking their stories be heard. If you look at the case of Roy Moore, if you look at the case of one of your staffers…. you seem to time and again side with the accused and not the accuser. Is that because of the many allegations that you have had made against you over the years?”

President Trump shot Jim down. (Video Below)

President Trump explained the accusers will have a chance to speak following the delay of the vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and giving the women a major chance to speak.

The President said “It’s possible I’ll hear that, and say ‘hey, i’m changing my mind,’ that is possible. We want to give them a chance to speak.” Adding that he can be persuaded also.

Then, came Hallie Jackson who directly came out and asked the President if he believed all three women are liars.

The President responded and said he has to watch tomorrow and that he just heard about the new one from her “low life” lawyer.

Trump explained he doesn’t know anything about the new allegation as he was busy working, but he didn’t stop at the opportunity to blast creepy porn lawyer Michael Avennati.

“You don’t get much worse than that. Bad reputation. Take a look at his past,” President Trump said of Avennati.

He stood firm while telling the reporter that he is going to wait till tomorrow to see what happens before he decides. (Video Below)

Then, the President praised Judge Brett Kavanaugh by pointing out that he has been one of the most respected people in Washington. A lot of people know Kavanaugh very well around Washington and they don’t believe the allegations brought forth towards him, Trump explained.

The reporter said, “It sounds like what you are saying is that there is a situation. There is a scenario… under which you would withdraw Brett Kavanuagh’s nomination? Is that correct?”

The President replied, “If I thought he was guilty of something like this…yes, sure.” He added, I’ll be watching.”

He added, “Look, if we brought George Washington here, the Democrats would vote against him. Just so you understand.” Trump added jokingly, “and he may have had a bad past, you know… who knows. George Washington would be voted against 100% by Schumer and the con artists!”

Trump gave the reporter one more question and she went in for another smear question insinuating that the President gave the benefit of the doubt to people who have been accused of sexual misbehavior.

He explained that he’s know some of the people a long time. Some of which he’s been disappointed with and others who had weak charges brought against them.

Watch below as President Trump humiliates Acosta below:


Are you ready for the hearing and the vote on Friday? Do you stand with Judge Brett Kavanaugh?

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