Ford Reveals What’s Behind Her BIG SMILE In Smearing Kavanuagh

Today, on Capitol Hill in Room 226 of the Dirksen Senate building on Capitol Hill, Chirstine Blasey Ford gave her testimony.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has not given his testimony. Until then, it is definitely “wait and see.” Mainly, because Ford appeared unstable! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Is Ford credible

Some say they feel sorry for her; however, her facts do not seem to be holding up.

It appeared that something happened to her. Whether or not it was Brett Kavanaugh is definitely NOT clear.

Additionally, her story is completely NOT collaborated. Not only did she not remember how she got to the house where she says ‘it’ happened.

She does not recall how she got home or even where she was. BUT she does remember she was “100% certain” it was Brett Kavanaugh! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Selective memory or selective memory loss?

In one of the best moments – Rachel Mitchell – the attorney who asked questions on behalf of the Republicans – established that Ford did not pay for the polygraph test she took in August.

Because she did not pay for the polygraph, it indicated a Democratic operative paid for it. Next, Rachel asked if Ford had help writing her statement, too.

Ford responded in a strange way. As if she was trying to please the Democrats, she said while smiling broadly, “Noooo…but you can tell how anxious I was by the terrible hand writing,” she then followed with a very strange laugh. (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH as FORD smiled and looked proud as she pointed out how her hand writing proved she was abused!