Chuck Grassley Kicks Off The Hearing By Dropping The Mic On Feinstein

Today, Christine Ford testified in front of Congress on Capitol Hill in her sexual abuse charge from 36 years or so ago on Judge Kavanaugh.

In what was an obvious ‘coached’ situation, Ford said she believed the FBI should investigate and hold up the nomination because that’s how she “would be most helpful.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Grassley then held nothing back as he laid into Feinstein and the circus show she created.

Senator Chuck Grassley is the Senate Judiciary Chairperson. During his opening statement, he laid into Dianne Feinstein who is the ranking member of the committee.

First, the obvious attempt to involve the FBI in this was shot down. Grassley said, “The FBI conducted 6 FULL FIELD BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS OF JUDGE KAVANAUGH since 1993 – 25 years ago.”

Senator Grassley then mentioned that in those investigations there was “not even a ‘whiff’ of any issue – for inappropriate sexual behavior,” by Judge Kavanaugh.

Specifically, he said, “Dr Ford first raised her allegations to the secret letter to the ranking member in July.” Senator Dianne Feinstein is the ranking member. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Grassley laid out how Fesinstein held the letter in secret and did not care about keeping Ford’s name confidential.

Grassley said, “This letter was secret from July 30th until September 13th… when I first heard about it. The ranking member took no action. The letter wasn’t shared with me, our colleagues or my staff.”

He continued and said, “these allegations could have been investigated in a way that maintained the confidentiality that Dr. Ford requested,” he said again pointing to the fact that Feinstein did not honor Ford’s request for anonymity.

Grassley said, “before his hearing, Judge Kavanaugh met privately with 65 senators. Including the ranking member [Diane Feinstein]. But The ranking member did not ask Judge Kavanuagh about the allegations when she met with him privately in August.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Grassley then said, Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing was from September 4th through the 7th. And “the ranking member did not attend.” Then there were written questions submitted by Senators. The ranking member did not participate. We never heard about the secret evidence through out that entire time.”

Then when the hearing was closed “then only on the 11th hour on the eve of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote did the ranking member refer the allegations to the FBI. And then, sadly the allegations were LEAKED TO THE  PRESS!”

Watch Judiciary Chariman Grassley as he slams Feinstein in opening statements for her charade!