In A Wild Twist Of Events, Feinstein Throws Ford Directly Under The Bus

In an unbelievable twist of events, Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) did NOT respect Ford’s desire to remain anonymous.

Then in a last-minute attempt to save her sinking narrative, Dianne Feinstein threw Ford and Ford’s friends under the bus! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Feinstein said she would protect Ford’s anonymity. 

Earlier in the day, Ford had said that in a letter from Feinstein that “she said she would not share the letter without my explicit consent.

Obviously, THAT did not happen. As Ford’s name was leaked to the press. And her anonymity was lost.

And so the circus began. Not just for Ford but for Kavanaugh too. (VIDEO BELOW.)

When Feinstein was called out for leaking the letter – Feinstein threw FORD and her friend’s under the bus!

“Mr. Chairman – let me clear – I did not hide Dr. Ford’s allegations. I did not leak her story.”

She then said that it may have been Ford or one of her friends while speaking to Chairman Grassley!

To cover herself, Feinstein made a statement that said, “Dr. Blasey Ford asked that her information be kept confidential, and it was. I only referred her letter to the FBI after it was leaked and reporters were knocking on her door. I don’t know who leaked the information, but it wasn’t my office.” But in the video she said it was Ford and her friends! (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH: as Feinstein throws FORD and her friends under the bus to save herself!