Kavanaugh’s Daughter Did The Sweetest Thing After Her Family Was Attacked

Christine Blasey Ford has accused Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh of a 36-year old sexual abuse allegation. And his daughter did the sweetest thing!

Brett Kavanaugh vehemently denied the allegation. Donald Trump Junior weighed in on Kavanaugh’s testimony. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Christine and Brett both gave testimony. It seems they are both victims. YOU be the Judge.

Kavanaugh said that he believed that Dr. Ford was abused. Although, she was not abused by him.

In an emotional and truthful plea – Brett Kavanaugh – told the kindest story about what he is made of and who is family is!

He said, “I intend no ill will toward Dr. Ford and her family.

Judge Kavanaugh choked up and he said, “the other night, Ashley and my daughter, Liza said their prayers. And Liza, all of ten years old said to Ashley, ‘we should pray for the woman’.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

In an emotional moment, Brett said, “that’s a lot of wisdom for a ten-year old.”

And he is right. That IS a lot of wisdom for a ten-year old.

“Kavanaugh tears up at hearing while speaking about his family: ‘We mean no ill will’ toward accuser.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH the moment: 

Donald Trump Junior weighed in on Kavanaugh’s testimony. 

DJT Jr. said, “I love Kavanaugh’s tone. It’s nice to see a conservative man fight for his honor and his family against a 35-year-old claim with ZERO evidence and lots of holes that amounts to nothing more than a political hit job by the Dems. Others in the GOP should take notice!”

In ending, do you believe Brett Kavanaugh?