Kav Looks In Kennedy’s Eyes & Tosses Out The Final Straw That Proves His Innocence

As the hearing took place on Capitol Hill Thursday to hear the testimony from Christine Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the democratic charades continued.

They were exposed for the frauds and phony tactics they pulled on Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. (Video Below)

With the final moment lingering in the air, one last Senator was ready to ask his questions during the testimony. And, it was the Louisiana Senator who ended the show with a bang.

Senator John Kennedy, (R-LA) stole the end of the show while proving to the American people that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is innocent in a quick two minutes.

He began by apologizing for what Kavanaugh and his family endured during the democratic circus, adding he was sorry for what Dr. Ford and her family also went through. He pointed out that it could’ve been avoided.

Sen. Kennedy asked the Judge the most important question of the day that blew everyone away. (Video Below)

The Louisiana Senator looked directly at Judge Brett Kavanaugh and asked him bluntly, “Do you believe in God?” 

The Judge did not hesitate to answer, and he responded with an absolute, “I do.”

Sen. Kennedy nodded his head in the affirmative and waited before he asked the next question, making sure everyone in the room heard what Kavanaugh just said. (Video Below)

Kav Looks In Kennedy’s Eyes & Tosses Out The Final Straw That Proves His Innocence

Sen. Kennedy then proceed to ask his next question for all the world to see.

“I’m going to give you one last opportunity, right here, right in front of God, and country.” Kennedy said.

He continued, “I want you to look me in the eye.” He paused, then proceed to ask, “Are Dr. Ford’s allegations true?”

The Judge responded, “They’re not accurate to me. I’ve never done this. I’ve NEVER done this to her or to anyone else.” Kavanaugh stated.

Sen. Kennedy asked if the other accusers allegations were true and the Judge again denied the false allegations brought against him while backing his answers up with facts, adding that “it’s ridiculous.”

Kennedy pressed the Judge once again inquiring, “none of these allegations are true?”

“Correct,” Kavanaugh confirmed. (Video Below)

“No, doubt in your mind?” Kennedy asked again.

“Zero.. I’m 100 percent certain,” Kavanaugh expressed.

“Not even a centile?” Kennedy asked again.

“Not a centile. 100 percent Senator.” Kavanaugh said with certainty.

“Do you swear to God?” The Senator asked.

“I swear to God.” Kavanaugh stated with confidence.

“That’s all I have Judge,” the Senator concluded.

Watch the EXPLOSIVE moment below:


And, that’s how you close the testimony.

With God’s grace, the Judge will be confirmed. Let’s all send our prayers.