Lindsey Graham Spins Heads While Pointing Out Multiple Problems With Ford’s Testimony

Thursday, Christine Blasey Ford testified during the Senate Judiciary committee, and some of her answers seemed off and politically motivated.

Democrats have a motive: to delay and obstruct. (Video Below)

After Christine Ford testified on Capitol Hill Thursday morning, the press stopped Sen. Lindsey Graham for a statement on what he thought about Ford’s testimony.

Lindsey Graham pointed out the multiple problems with her testimony and slammed Democrats for their political games they have played.

This is all fabricated by the Democrats. Mrs. Ford didn’t send her letter to chairman Grassley. If she truly wanted to prevent his nomination…. if her intentions weren’t political, she would have sent to both sides of the aisle. Why isn’t anyone asking this?

(Video Below)

While talking to the press, Graham said, “she is just as much a victim of this as I think Brett Kavanaugh.”

“The other side set it up [political games] to be just the way it is. I feel ambushed!” He added.

Then, he blasted dems while warning about their future nominees saying, “God help anybody else that gets nominated.” (Video Below)

Watch below as Lindsey Graham unloads on the democratic circus:

BOOM. Sen. Graham is spot on.

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