Trump Is Stopped By The Press, Reveals Why Kav’s Seventh FBI Investigation Is Good

As President Trump was departing for a rally in Wheeling, West Virginia Saturday afternoon, he answered a few questions from the press amid allegations towars Judge Brett Kavanuagh.

The President has full faith in the FBI and continues his full support for Kavanaugh. (Video Below)

While speaking to the press, President Trump explained there has never been anyone like Judge Brett Kavanaugh and it believes everything is going to work out very well.

He praised the FBI for doing a good job adding that they have free rein and they’re going to do whatever they have to do.

A reporter asked the President if thinks Kavanaugh has done anything wrong, and the President stated that he believes Kavanaugh is great. “I don’t think there’s ever been any person under scrutiny like he has been. I think it’s been a very tough process.”

He continued, “He’s a good man. He’s a great Judge, highly respected for many, many years at the top of the list, and I hope everything works out great.” (Video Below)

Trump Is Stopped By The Press, Reveals Why Kav’s Seventh FBI Investigation Is Good

The President took aim at the obstructionist democrats slamming what they’ve pulled over the last few days along with their behavior. He pointed out they are dishonest while they kept papers and documents hidden without releasing them until after the hearing was over.

President Trump declared that the investigation could be a “blessing in disguise” because they will do a thorough investigation and have a chance to reveal a lot of different things.

“I’d like to find out who leaked the papers! Was it Sen. Feinstein? Because, certainly her body language was not exactly very good.” The President explained when asked about the letter and who leaked it.  (Video Below)

WATCH BELOW as the President explains:

It’s time to stop the charades and confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh.