Every Head Spins After Sarah Declares What The Media Is Hiding For Bill Clinton

One thing is certainly true, when Sarah is behind the podium, she is IN CONTROL and UNCONCERNED! Sarah OWNS the press briefings!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders totally and completely TOOK DOWN CNN’s April Ryan as April tried to spin the narrative against President Trump. (VIDEO BELOW.)

April was spinning so hard it was difficult to tell which way she was facing!

Finishing up the previous question, you can hear Sarah say, ‘WE ARE A COUNTRY OF LAW AND ORDER. And we are still a country who believes you are innocent until proven guilty.” She should get a standing ovation just for THAT one, right?

Then Sarah said to the gaggle of reporters, “And we want to see that process go through in it’s entirety and it should be on a fair playing field!”

Then out of blue CNN’s April Ryan rudely blurts out, “This President has taken this moment to say that he’s been affected personally by all of these allegations.”

April continued in almost an incoherent string of words, she said, “And he’s picking and choosing – just as the question was – he said that the Central Park Five was guilty.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Literally, spinning her hands around above her head, April continued…

…because it is too funny to interrupt April and her nonsense, Sarah gave her enough rope and April said,  “and then he has made Bill Clinton guilty.”

Sarah waited until April was finished and the took control and said, “It’s interesting that you bring up Bill Clinton.

It was quiet in the room as Sarah continued, “Nobody wants to hear THOSE accusers voices being heard.” Sarah said with a smile forming at the corner of her mouth. Then in a change of pace she drops the hammer, “BUT you’re certainly happy to hear ALL the others.” BOOM. Sarah goes on to the NEXT QUESTION!  (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH as Sarah owns CNN’s April Ryan.