Sarah Goes Off On Reporter After She Claims Trump Thinks Women Are Liars

Wednesday during the White House press briefing, the left-wing media was drooling in their seats to smear the President and Judge Brett Kavanaugh without shame.

The Press Secretary wasn’t having it and shot down the reporter’s questions one by one while wringing out their bibs to dry. (Video Below)

During the briefing, a reporter claimed President doesn’t believe women’s credibility about sexual abuse.

The reporter asked, “President Trump has seemed to link the credibility of a claim with how much time has passed since the individual made it. President Trump has called the sex abuse scandal in the Church very sad, but many of
those victims waited decades before coming forward. Why does the president
seem to assume men who are claiming, but wait to come forward- are the truth, but not women?”

Sarah immediately shot back, “That’s just completely untrue. The president has supported again– throughout this entire process– Dr. Ford’s ability to come forward and tell her story.”

The Press Secretary reminded her and the rest of the press that the President is the one who ordered the FBI to do a background check to look into each of the accusations and allegations that the Senate deems necessary before making a vote. (Video Below)

Further, she explained that the President has been more than happy to give a
platform to the accusers that have come out against then President Bill Clinton. “To say that he’s never sided with women is just ridiculous!” The Press Secretary declared.

The reporter argued with Sarah claiming the President has implied that “they’re coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden.”

Sarah blasted her again and had to break it down for her. (Video Below)

“Because after Judge Kavanaugh has been in public service and in the public eye for over 26 years, been through six background investigations, now part of a seventh, that this is the first time you’re ever hearing of any of these allegations.” She said.

She continued, “The fact that through all of those background checks, not even an inkling of any of those things has ever come up, despite the fact he was one of the top prosecutors for Ken Starr and in a major public position, none of these things came up when he was nominated to be on the federal bench.”

The Press Secretary added, “None of these things came up. He has been a public figure. There’s been a lot of opportunity for people to raise this issue and it never has. Now at the 11th hour, the Democrats have exploited this process and done so publicly, and it’s a shame. And, he’s simply calling that out.”

Watch Press Secretary Sarah Sanders drop a truth bomb that the press can’t handle below:


You can’t even make this up. The left wing media is a disgrace.

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