Amid The FBI Report, Ben Stein Makes Dems Day Worse With A Fierce Kava-natum

Ben Stein is commonly known by Americans for his role as a professor in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, where he is heard in a monotone voice repeatedly saying, “Bueller, Bueller, Bueller….” But in reality, among other things, Stein is also a lawyer, commentator and highly inclined in politics.

Stein, like many Americans, has been staying in tune to the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court. And now that the much-anticipated FBI report was handed over to the Senate, Stein finally vented out what he thinks of it all. Video Below

Thursday casted a proverbial death-blow to Democrats as the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh turned up no corroborating evidence to his accusers’ stories.

Democrats were clinging to the testimony of Dr. Christine Ford and stories brought forth by other accusers as a way of derailing Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. And even went as far as to label Kavanaugh as an attempted rapist without concrete proof he even committed such actions.

But now that the FBI report proved it all was one GIANT farce, Ben Stein issued the perfect response in an impromptu interview with TMZ.

Stein was caught by a reporter while leaving an airport when he was questioned on his thoughts on the FBI’s investigation into Judge Kavanaugh. Video Below

Stein said, “You can’t prove a negative. Nothing happened. You can’t prove that nothing happened.”

Stein referred to Democrats’ inquiries into Kavanaugh as nothing but a “bum wrap.” He confidentally signaled that the next step is for Kavanaugh to finally be confirmed after weeks of a 3-ring circus and said America is “very lucky to have a man of his ability” as a member of the Supreme Court. (Related Article: After Seeing The FBI Report, Senate Republicans Deliver A Message That’ll Mortify Dems)

Stein topped off his interview when asked if there should worry on rumors that Jeff Flake may vote “no” on Kavanaugh. He hilariously replied with, “Flake is called ‘Flake’ for a reason!” Video Below

Ben Stein Sounds Off On The FBI Report On Kavanaugh