Protester Demands Kav Take A Polygraph, Graham Humiliates Them With A Perfect Zinger

Well, well, well…the 7th FBI supplemental investigation into Supreme Court Justice nominee – Brett Kavanaugh’s background…resulted in what most American’s thought – there is no evidence against Kavanaugh for sexual misconduct. And Lindsey Graham is having a true SPARTACUS moment!

Majority Leader McConnell announced the cloture vote will go through on Friday. And the full vote  – most likely – on Saturday. (VIDEO BELOW.)

The Democrat’s are losing face as the realization that they destroyed a man’s reputation with a sham.

Earlier today on Capitol Hill, Lindsey Graham was in the hallowed halls of the Capitol when protesters and the media stopped him.

And like the TRUE Spartacus, when a protester tried to move the goal post by saying Kavanaugh had to undergo a lie detector – Graham tucked her nicely back into the swamp!

The protesters were yelling and tried to pressure Graham. The Senator turned to the group and said, “We’ve humiliated this guy enough, and there seems to be no bottom for some of you.”

He then turned to the protester who was crying out, “If he took a polygraph!” And Senator Graham said, “Why don’t we dunk him in the water and see if he floats?” BOOM! (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH Graham talk to the protester about the public SHAM the Democrat’s tried to pull on Brett Kavanaugh!

The Daily Caller‘s reporter at large, Benny Johnson wrote, “If you’re a Democrat watching Lindsey Graham stop an interview cold, spin around and WRECK a liberal protester into silence on national TV with a line about a WITCH — you have to be thinking: ‘What in sweet Hell have we unleashed on ourselves?”

“BASED LINDSEY GRAHAM: Protester yells at him about Kavanaugh taking a polygraph. Graham: “Why don’t we dunk him in the water and see if he floats?” I’m crying,” Benny tweeted. (VIDEO BELOW.)