After Seeing The FBI Report, Senate Republicans Deliver A Message That’ll Mortify Dems

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the GOP Senators joined together for a presser on the released FBI report regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

After a quick intro, Leader McConnell jumped right in…and said “what we know for sure is the FBI report did NOT corroborate in any of these allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Meanwhile the Democrats keep moving the GOAL POST.

McConnell continued, he said, “there’s no way ANYTHING we did will satisfy the Democrats.”

As the saying goes, if you’re in the MINORITY – you get your say. If you’re in the MAJORITY – you get your way. And Majority Leader McConnell knows it well!

McConnell continued and he said it! “They’ve always got a reason why the goal post needed to be moved further down the field. Nothing we could do would satisfy them. They’re dug in. You’ve seen it – from the beginning.”

The truth is – the Democrats decided when they heard Kavanaugh was nominated that they were going to vote against him. And they are STILL going to vote against Kavanaugh. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Too bad the Democrats played SO dirty they had to destroy Kavanaugh’s reputation.

Senator Chuck Grassley who is the Chairman of the Judiciary committee then spoke of Judge Kavanaugh’s stellar reputation.

Well, it was stellar on the D.C. Circuit for the last 12 years until the Democrat’s tried to smear his reputation into oblivion.

Grassley said of Judge Kavanaugh, “This person is very well qualified. He is a person who believes in the principals of due process. [And] the presumption of innocence and readiness to serve are recognized. So Judge Kavanaugh should be confirmed on Saturday.”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Grassley then condemns Chuck Shumer for sending the committee down a “demolition derby” on July 10th when he first said he would STOP the Kavanaugh appointment.

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WATCH the FULL presser on the Kavanaugh FBI report.