Bill O’Reilly RIPS Murkowski A New One For Voting ‘No’ On Kavanaugh

Bill O’Reilly has an interesting perspective on sexual misconduct allegations. And he wrote about it in an op-ed.

In an honest assessment, Bill gives the perspective from the person who is being unjustly accused. (MORE BELOW.)

Bill O’Reilly spoke out. 

If anyone should know what it feels like to be falsely accused it might be Bill O’Reilly.

Bill was the former Fox News anchor of the O’Reilly Factor who was accused of sexual misconduct and lost his job immediately following the accusations.

The idea that there is a presumption of innocence before being found guilty is of grave importance. Moreover, it is important that America protects due process.

Facts don’t have feelings. And FACTS matter. Regarding the Kavanaugh hearing, the facts show that Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations are completely uncorroborated. (MORE BELOW.)

This is WHY democrats are WALKING AWAY from their own party.

Bill O’Reilly got it right. And he went to a simplistic level that is the truth.

He tweeted, “According to the leftwing mob, all “survivors,” “victims,” or whatever other label is used, must be believed, no matter if the allegations are denied. And if you don’t immediately believe the accuser, then you are an abuser.”

Furthermore, he then continued, “I never thought I’d see this in my country.  And I am angry about it.  Very angry. And I don’t think I’m alone.” (MORE BELOW.)



In closing, do you agree with Bill? Is he alone or are you also appalled at the way the “innocent before proven guilty” and due process has been threatened?